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Get Your Sound Heard Above The Noise

When we were young and silly we thought that only loud albums had the power to move us. Of course in the process we were denying ourselves the joy of much quieter, but no less affecting, works. I’d hazard a guess that if this was 1989 we’d have overlooked Hilary Woods’ The River Cry and […]

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Turtlemeyer Joins Hugger PR

Liam O’Callaghan’s Turtlemeyer becomes the first act to work with Hugger PR. You never forget the first time and we hope that we can give Liam’s new album ‘Hotel Shambles’ the exposure it deserves.

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Hugger PR Is Here!

Hello and welcome to Hugger PR, a sister site to the mp3hugger music blog. After 8 years of receiving good, bad and downright ugly PR for bands of every description we’ve decided to go and do it ourselves. At this stage we have a good handle on what works, as much from our own PR […]

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