What Is Hugger PR?

An online music promotion service.

Who Is Behind Hugger PR?

Hugger PR comes from the makers of the mp3hugger music blog and the Indiecater Record Label. We’ve been around for a while so know a thing or two about what can be done to generate awareness/interest in your music and your band.

Who Is Hugger PR Designed For?

Hugger PR has been designed to help bands get exposure for their music through reviews/interviews/mentions on online resources like music blogs and online music portals. We also ensure that the best radio stations and traditional print media are aware of your output.

What services does Hugger PR offer?

  • One-sheet Press Releases
  • Guaranteed exposure on a range of music blogs
  • Online media campaigns that will bring your music to the attention of hundreds of music blogs, radio stations and traditional print media sources
  • A lifetime interactive page on Hugger PR
  • Lots more besides

Why do I need to use Hugger PR?

Many bands chose to go it a alone when promoting their music but few realise the effort required in doing so. Let’s face it you set up your band to play music, not spend endless hours/days writing to the media. And even if you can afford to dedicate this time you may not be armed with a list of contacts that will give your music the exposure it requires. We’ve been operating online since 2005, building contacts and relationships with the sort of people that dedicate themselves to writing about the best new bands. We are experienced in creating PR for our own bands (for our label Indiecater) which has resulted in complementary press from such institutions as Pitchfork, the Guardian, the Irish Times and dozens and dozens of music blogs. Apart from all that we have teamed up with a number of prominent music blogs who have dedicated advertising space to spread the word on your music.

Can Hugger PR get my CD distributed?

No but we know some people that can.

How much will it cost?

It depends on what you are looking for. Our range of services goes from creating you a one-sheet press release right up to a 3 month (and beyond) online media campaign. Each package we offer gets you your own page on Hugger PR. For more detail on the services we offer visit our What We Do page.

How do I pay?

As soon as we agree on what package suits you we will send you a PayPal invoice. This can be paid using PayPal or Credit Card, whichever suits you best. Get in touch so we can get things started!

Any other questions?

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