Ireland has produced its fair share of troubadours over the years and while the addition of one more might not strike you as the most exciting thing ever you probably haven’t heard Liam O’Callaghan’s Turtlemeyer. The 26 year old Cork man, now based in Dublin, is releasing his debut album, ‘Hotel Shambles‘, on March 8th and what a hushed delight it is. Over the course of 10 tracks you’ll feel as if you are in Turtlemeyer’s recording space, hearing every tugged guitar string, feeling every genuine emotion as this album soothes its way into your affections. ‘Hotel Shambles’ is the epitome of a grower, an album that slowly impress upon you that life in the fast lane is for mugs.

This is what Noise had to say about the ‘Never Saw You Leaving’ single ~

..the guitars come right up front and cleaner, the lines multiplying and intertwining pleasingly, the drumbeat stays pitter-patter as opposed to wall of sound, and a soulful Hammond organ plays off the vocals..

Turtlemeyer’s Liam is available for interviews and bookings so contact us to make the arrangements.

‘Hotel Shambles’ album will be available to download/stream for free on the 8th March from the Turtlemeyer website, Bandcamp, Soundcloud. For advance copies please get in touch.

Hotel Shambles Tracklisting

01. “2631″ (4:01)
02. Hazards (5:48)
03. Places (4:12)
04. December (4:41)
05. Allein (5:50)
06. Skylight (2:34)
07. Never Saw You Leaving (4:22)
08. Amends (7:01)
09. Liar (3:53)
10. Un-Finished… (3:03)

    Sample Tracks

    Never Saw Your Leaving

    [audio: – Never Saw You Leaving.mp3|titles=Never Saw You Leaving|artists=Turtlemeyer]


    [audio: – Skylight.mp3|titles=Skylight|artists=Turtlemeyer]


    [audio: – Amends.mp3|titles=Skylight|artists=Amends]